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🦩 12 Ways to Refresh Your Content

We've all heard over and over again from Gary Vaynerchuk and Marcus Sheridan that to compete, you must be a well-oiled content creating machine. However, if you're like most people, creating great content is HARD. A quicker way to create content is to reiterate, reinvent, and repurpose existing content. Even the best content gets stale, so you need a system to review & refresh, and rinse & repeat regularly. No matter where you are, create a little bit more, and a little bit differently. But before you start updating your old content, follow this checklist from Ross Simmons, CEO of Foundation Inc. It will pay dividends for years to come.

Create Helpful, People-First Content These are some helpful ways to spice up existing content, increase your organic traffic, and stay in Google’s good books.
  1. Update the key takeaway section (or add one if there isn’t one right now).

  2. Add a table of contents to make it easy for readers to navigate the piece.

  3. Include quotes from subject matter experts (SMEs).

  4. Update old data and reference new, relevant industry data to boost credibility.

  5. Embed related videos and podcasts to give readers more helpful information.

  6. Arm your audience with free tools, downloadable templates, checklists, ebooks, and other useful resources.

  7. Create more catchy, informative visuals.

  8. Consider turning blocks of text into visuals where possible.

  9. Add new H2 or H3 sections where necessary.

  10. Expand existing key points by adding relevant examples to walk readers through how they can solve problems.

  11. Keep the language simple and compelling, and ensure your content solves the reader’s pain points.

  12. Update the date of your piece to show readers they’re reading something fresh.

Do these things every week, and you will have a blog that is always viewed as helpful. This is the key to winning in content marketing and SEO today. It's also how you thrive amidst the latest algorithm change and reap the ROI of content marketing. If you want more FLAMTASTIC tips like this, his Twitter posts and newsletter are a goldmine of actionable content strategies, case studies, and loads of STATS!


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