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🦩 2023 Good & Bad Marketing

There are lots of ways to promote your website. Here are a few 2023 website marketing strategies that were studs 👍🏽 and some that were duds 👎🏽.

Top Website Marketing Strategies

1. Utilizing Social Media Ads: Paid ads is a great way to crank up your web traffic and amplify your brand. Just make sure your messaging speaks to your ideal audience. 📲

2. Investing in SEO:Think of SEO as the magic formula that gets your business to show up in search results, inviting more eyeballs and potential buyers to your website. There are lots of changes happening in SEO so make sure you're using the latest tactics.

3. Membership or Subscriptions: Offering memberships or subscriptions isn't just about driving traffic, it's like rolling out the red carpet for your loyal audience. 🎟️ It gives your members or subscribers exclusive perks that'll have them coming back for more.

Poor Website Marketing Strategies

1. Quantity vs Quality: With the wide use of AI, it's never been easier to create content. But in the race for more, brands are compromising authentic, unique, and high-quality content. Google will ding you if your content is irrelevant, generic, and doesn't answer the reader's search intent.

2. Clickbait aka Bait & Switch: Tricking people into clicking on your offer and then not delivering on the promise or giving them something that is low quality is poor taste. It wastes everyone's time, and worse, it can damage your reputation.

3. Outdated Content: f you're not adding new content or refreshing existing content on your website, there's no reason for visitors to return. As SEO evolves, apply those new tactics to strengthen your content structure, i.e. add better stories, graphics, videos, or backlinks.

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