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🦩 3 Apps to Make Your Biz Run Smoother

To finish off the month of love with a BANG, we're sharing 3 cool tips to make your biz more legit.

Let's dive in!

1. WhatsApp. You've probably used this messaging app when traveling abroad or have heard of it from your foreign amigos. We couldn't live without this one! Why should you use it for your biz?
  • It allows you to send instant messages & voice recordings (Pam LOVES this feature) safely and securely since it's encrypted

  • You can verify if the message was delivered or read

  • Has a desktop version you can use to attach/send all types of files

  • Create groups to collaborate with your team no matter their cellphone type (this is like a Slack channel)

  • Works globally to message, video chat, or make calls

  • Plus you can get a WhatsApp Business account to automate responses, label messengers under particular groups, and schedule messages

2. MailerLite. We recently started using this email software for several clients and it's simple, effective, and offers an excellent free plan for small businesses. It also easy to set up automation flows. Full disclaimer, we liked it so much, we are switching to MailerLite! 3. HiHello. 🎤 Hello, it's me... JK 😂. We ditched the print business cards and swapped for this digital business card app. Plus, we are saving trees, peeps! Whenever we meet someone in person, I have them scan my QR code and in less than 2 seconds I'm saved in their cellphone and they are saved in mine. I can also email or text my business card. People are always like "🤩 You just saved me so much time." See our business cards below.


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