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🦩3 Ps of Productivity

If you feel like you have too much to do and too little time to do it...Newsflash: All of us have the same 168 hours (112 awake). So how come some people do amazing things within this finite timeframe while others struggle to manage their time?

In this post we cover the 3 principles that have made a difference in our time management.

3 Ps of Productivity
1. Pomodoro Method: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This is a great way to stay focused, tackle projects, and divide them up into manageable chunks. You work for 25 min and take a 5 min break to stretch, get water, or check email, and then get back at it. Here's an article on this technique.

2. Parato Principle: Aka the 80/20 rule has been around since 1896. It says that 20% of the things you do impact 80% of your results. Most of the things we do make no impact at all, or even make our life worse! So, what high-impact activities are you focusing on and what low-value work do you need to stop doing? Check out how this works in life and business.

3. Parkinson's Law: Have you noticed that work expands to the time allotted? Meaning the longer you have to finish a project, the longer it will take. Hello procrastination! That's why deadlines work. By using Parkinson’s Law correctly, you can get more done in less time and learn how much time each of your tasks really requires.


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