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🦩Choosing a CMS Platform

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

We invited rockstar mompreneur and flamiga, Trecia Warnholz of District Digital, to talk tech. She shared so many goodies that we're extending our series for a few more weeks.

Check out our interview below:

What's a CMS?
It's a software app that lets you create, edit, collaborate on, publish and store digital content on your website.

Why should you care?
Because websites are the engine behind your brand and choosing the right CMS can make your life easier OR a pain in the 🍑. What should you know before selecting a CMS platform?
🤓 What's your techability? Aka, your tech savvy. Some CMS platforms will require a heavier lift or a learning curve than others.

📏 What's the platform's scalability? You want to choose a platform that is flexible, aligns with your goals, and grows with you.

💰 What are your cost and time budgets? Whether it's a DIY or you're hiring a pro, you'll not only be investing money, but your time learning, writing content, setting it up, and managing it.

What are the most popular CMS platforms?
Wix, Squarespace, Shopify (more for ecommerce), Webflow, and WordPress. We'll cover the pros and cons in a later issue.
3 Steps for selecting a CMS platform
🥅 Set goals for your website. Think through what functionalities you want your website to do for you. Will you collect leads? Are you selling products or services? How often will you need to update it?

🤑 Create an annual budget, including a time budget. Some of the costs associated with a website are: domain, design, copy & development, hosting, maintenance, security, and marketing boost. Your time budget is crucial. If you don't have the time to figure it out all on your own, outsource it to an expert.

💪 Choose a CMS based on your needs and functionalities. Do your research or hire a pro who can advise on the best platform. Think strategically on what's going to support your business long-term. You'll pay double to fix it so it's worth getting right the first time.


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