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🦩 3 Tips to Rock Your Biz

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

#1: Content Is Gold. Your content is the bridge that connects you to your audience. Stories, testimonials, and solutions help establish trust. But you might be stumped as to WHAT to write about. Start by answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from your prospects and clients (see Marcus Sheridan's book They Ask, You Answer). Then turn your answers into blog posts that educate, entertain, and engage so when your audience needs your help, they remember you. Also, don't reinvent the wheel. Strategically repurpose content you already have, slice & dice it, add an image or video, and share bits of it across all your platforms. From 1 piece of content, many posts can follow.

#2: Own Your Digital Presence. Your audience is online and your digital presence matters. Whether it's your website, social media, or anything you own online, be helpful, be kind, and be human. 62% of consumers say they feel closer to a brand when interacting digitally, with 73% saying it's easier to interact with a brand through online channels than offline channels.

#3: Build your list. Your email list is the most precious thing you own. It's a direct communication line to your audience. Offer a gift or something of value in exchange for their email address. Respect their time and give them a reason to open your emails. According to Forbes, this strategy promises to deliver $42 back for every dollar you spend, so keep growing your email list!


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