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🦩 3 Ways to Glam Up Your Website

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

#1: Design. DYK that 94% of first impressions and 75% of your company's credibility are based on your website's design? First impressions count! A professional site has a balance between attractive design and content that’s easy to read and quick to load.

It's critical to (1) ATTRACT visitors to your site, (2) WOW them with a great user experience, and (3) CONVERT them to keep the communication going (get their email address). To stand out, build a site that reflects your brand (your personality) and tells your story.

For example, Captiva Branding's custom website is flamboyant (bright, colorful, and captivating — just like flamingos 😉), while being minimalistic with touch of elegance. This reflects exactly who we are as a brand.

#2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your site structure and content both need to be optimized for search engines like Google so your customers can find your site online.For example, using the right keywords will drive more traffic and more opportunities for conversions. So how do you know which keywords to use? Try a site like this one.

#3: Mobile-friendly. More than half of internet traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices. Also, responsive websites are ranked higher, give you credibility, and offer a better user experience than having to zoom in and out on their cell phones to read the content on your website.

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