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🦩 3 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

#1: Simplify to Amplify. Our motto is always, keep it simple. On your website, add a collection box or button in the top navigation bar inviting people to join your email list or subscribe to your newsletter. You can also use an exit or delayed pop up / slider. Add it to CTA buttons & footer. Add it to your social media profiles. Use a list magnet (incentive) like a download or just focus on what BENEFIT they get from subscribing. Power of reciprocity, baby! Basically, put your irresistible email collection offer EVERYWHERE.

#2: Email Design: You might be relieved to know that a plain text format often performs better. It has higher deliverability rates and feels more like a personal EFAB (Email From A Bestie). Keep your emails value-packed and authentic to your brand! If your brand is casual and fun, use emojis and gifs to infuse humor and a personal touch. And connect with your list at least once a month, better if once per week.

#3: Write to 1 person. Getting subscribers to open is job #1. If they don’t open, they don’t read. If they don’t read, they don’t click, buy, or get any value that makes them love and remember you. The secret is in writing GREAT subject lines, preview text, & content that is personalized, creates curiosity, and makes your reader feel special. To help with this, when you sit down to write, don’t picture a mass of people or a business. Picture one person and talk to them as a friend.

For example, why do you like to read our newsletter? Because we provide useful tips, ideas, and resources you can use to market your business, with a dose of personality and flare 🤗.

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