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🦩 4 Surprising Lessons from Year 1 of Running Our Agency

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Happy 1st Flam-nniversary to us !!! Captiva turned 1 and we are so excited.
This month we’ll share a little bit about our mompreneur journey with lessons learned, mistakes to avoid, and stories in the life of a small business.

If you’ve ever built anything from scratch, whether a biz or a house, you know all the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into turning it into a reality.
Here are just a few things we discovered our first year in business together:
1. No one told us that being a business owner is different from being a marketing or brand specialist. From registering our business to setting up our emails, and designing our logo to launching our website, Captiva has been an intense labor of love. But there's NOTHING we rather be doing right now.
2. Your reputation and network are everything. We are grateful to our friends, family, & peers for cheering us on, sending us timely text messages (even our fluffy mascot, Gilda), and referring us to new opportunities. Without you we would not be where we are today.

3. Finding the right vendors and partners. As an extension of your team, they will make or break your business. Partner with professionals that meet your standards. Vett them, test them, choose wisely, and pay them their worth.

4. Relationships matter. We are in the human-to-human business and for us creating real connections with our clients and vendors is a key priority. The relationships we’ve developed are priceless.


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