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🦩6 Marketing Trends That Will Still Endure in 2022

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

1. Omnichannel & Privacy. The Apple privacy update has made tracking much more difficult on iPhones. Be smarter and communicate on multiple channels to reach your audience. Google also announced the 3rd party cookie disappearing in 2023. As consumers demand greater privacy protections and control over their data, we marketers will need to adjust. CRM tools, surveys, and interactive content will become increasingly instrumental to your marketing success.

2. Diversity Marketing. Consumers are a more racially and ethnically diverse group than ever. Ask how your brand can harness the power of diversity and identification, to reach new audiences in a meaningful way. See some examples of Adforum Magazine's top diverse ad campaigns.

3. Empathy. Brands that know how to use empathy and vulnerability communicate, captivate, and connect better with their audience. Our specialty!

4. Lead Ads on Facebook. Facebook wants you to spend more time on their platform so they made email collection easier by making it all happen on their platform. Ad costs are cheaper because you're not taking your audience off Facebook.

5. Instagram Reels. If you don't want to do longform YouTube videos (the king of content marketing), you should try reels. They are easy to create and get viral attention from 15-30 sec value-packed videos (snackable content). Max out your hashtags (up to 30). Post at least 4 per week, every day is even better. You can now run sponsored reels so you boost your content and target your audience more precisely — getting more bang for your video.

6. Podcasts. Audio is hot, hot, hot! It's portable and easy to consume. If you can't create your own podcast, then get on as a guest speaker or sponsor a podcast. According to a Discover Pods survey, nearly 90% of podcast listeners feel that podcast ads work, with 38% of listeners report purchasing things that are mentioned in podcasts. This is a prime channel to advertise in. Almost 60% of US consumers listen to Podcasts, 67% of podcasts are between ages of 18 and 44, with about about 30% of listeners between the ages of 35-54.

BONUS: Unfortunately, some challenges will remain, such as supply chain disruptions, inflation, and the Great Resignation (labor and talent shortages).

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