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🦩Are these threats tripping your business?

There are only 44 days left until the end of 2022. We blink and the holidays are gone. That’s why every year around this time, we reflect and focus on what’s coming next. It's easy (and fun) to find opportunities, like the ones we shared in our last issue. However, something we're reflecting on going into next year is identifying threats, especially in light of the current economic climate. 2023 may be bumpy so let's buckle up and get ready for the ride with this watch list. Marketing Threats to Watch Out for in 2023 and Beyond

1. Threat #1: 🐒 Sitting on your laurels. What worked before won't necessarily work now. The name of the game is adaptability. Smart brands think differently.

2. Threat #2: 🥰 Falling in love with one channel or type of content. Whether it's social media or email, blog posts or video, whatever your preference doesn't matter. Be channel and format agnostic. Go where your audience is and create content in the format they want it in.

3. Threat #3: 🔍 Lack of priorities. Trying to do too many things at once. It waters down your focus and your impact.

4. Threat #4: 🐢Too darn slow. Speed is your biggest advantage. Learn from experts, experiment and fail fast to optimize your results.

5. Threat #5: 🛣️ No strategy, aka roadmap. Creating content is one thing. Having a framework and gameplan on how best to promote, distribute, and optimize it is how great brands win.

In the iconic words of G.I. Joe, "knowing is half the battle."

Spoiler alert... Knowing is not enough. You must take action.

So how will you develop and adapt your plan for the coming year to counter these threats?


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