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🦩Captiva Branding Turns 2!🦩

Last week was a BIG week... kicking off with Women's History Month (subscribe to our newsletter, the Flamingle 60, to see our new section highlighting local trailblazers), World Teen Mental Wellness Day (give 'em some love and attention), and spring is around the corner (Hello, cherry blossoms 🌸!).

But what we're most giddy about is that our baby, Captiva Branding, turned 2 on March 1! 🥳🎉 And like good Latinas we will be celebrating all month long 💃💃💃 ...

What a FLAMTASTIC time to reflect and go down memory lane.

In the last year, we launched over 10 websites and brands, activated over 7 omnichannel marketing campaigns, and much more. Beyond the numbers, what we are the proudest of is the impact our hard work has had on our clients' businesses. Year 2 has been one for the books. 📒💪🏼

Here are ✌️ things we learned in year 2️⃣:

1️⃣ Love the journey more than the destination. If you've ever started or currently lead a business, you know it's full of ups and downs, twists and turns. The grind is part of the process. What's helped is focusing on our WHY, our true North, and enjoying the ride together! 2 are definitely better than 1. 👭🏽

2️⃣ You’re only as strong as your network. Surround yourself with mentors, coaches, friends, and family who will elevate and encourage you every step of the way. Also, choosing the right team, partners, and clients will help you make it or break it. It's been said "Your network is your net worth". This couldn't be truer. We're grateful for all the FLAMAZING humans we get to work with day in and day out, through thick and thin. 💞

Our business keeps growing and getting more and more interesting, challenging, and exciting. We can't wait to see and experience new things as this year unfolds.

Thanks for having our backs, y'all! We got you, flamilia! 💯

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