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🦩 Content Ideas for Dayzz

In part 4 of our email marketing series, we are covering content ideas to get more people to sign-up, open your emails, and share it with their friends.

Word of Caution: Avoid any deceptive tactics or clickbait. That's the fastest way to lose credibility with your audience. No bueno.

5 Email Content Ideas

1. Blog content. If you're already writing blog posts, add a short blurb in an email and send it to your mailing list.

2. FAQs. If you've been reading our newsletter (we you), you've heard us mention Marcus Sheridan's They Ask, You Answer. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Your customers have questions they frequently ask you. Answer them in an email and turn that into a blog post.

3. How to videos. Emails with video tend to have higher open rates. Keep them short. A single long video can be dull. Break it up into a series of videos. This will keep viewers anticipating what’s coming next. Remember to use "video" in your subject line.

4. Case studies/ Testimonials. Showing your work in action and getting real people to say how FLAMAZING you are is a powerful way to persuade prospects.

5. Tips & best practices. People are craving material to learn new things in a quick and digestible way. Hello high-impact infographics, snackable, shareable content!

PRO TIP: If you're stuck coming up with relevant topic ideas, do a poll or survey. Let your audience tell you what they want. Also, look at what's trending with tools such as Quora, Google Search Suggestions, Answer The Public, or even current events, hashtags. When in doubt, repurpose OLD content with a fresh spin. The possibilities are endless!


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