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🦩How to Create a FLAMTASTIC One-liner

Messaging is one of the hardest things businesses (and everyone else who's not a marketing copywriter) struggle with. Your brain is bursting with FLAMAZING information about your product or service, but how do you structure it and communicate it in a way that's concise, persuasive, and sounds human?

Brand messaging has different components: A one-liner, tagline, brand purpose & brand promise, and mission & vision. Let's start with your one-liner — a single statement that helps people realize why they need your product or service. Think of it as a 2-3 sentence elevator pitch for your business. Why do you need it? It gives you clarity on how your product or services helps solve your customer's problem. When & how do you use it? When you're asked what you do, use your one-liner. You can also use a simplified version for your social bios, your email signature, your sales pitch, marketing collateral, on your website, or anywhere people see your brand. The StoryBrand Framework to Create a FLAMTASTIC One-liner
  1. Problem. What is the main problem you solve for your customers? (open loop)

  2. Solution. What do you offer that solves their problem?

  3. Result. What positive result will your customer experience if they buy your product or service? (reward)

  4. Combine. Put it all together in a way that makes sense and sounds natural.

  5. Memorize it!

PRO TIP: Us this to make your brand more memorable. As part of your one-liner, include WHO you help. As Don Miller says: If you confuse, you lose. Clarity over cleverness. Here are some examples: 1. Here is Captiva's one-liner. We continue to refine it. [Problem] Most small businesses and nonprofits struggle with consistent growth. [Solution] We guide them through a strategic roadmap to simplify their marketing and amplify their brand, [Success] so they can focus on doing what they love. 2. [Problem] Most people hate cleaning their houses every week. Between work, caring for their children, obligations, and just wanting some relaxing downtime, it’s a dreaded task that robs them of their Saturday mornings [Solution], So I run a house cleaning business with a dedicated team of professionals who will clean your home using top of the line equipment. [Success] As a result, my customers get time back in their weekend to focus on the things they love or other priorities.


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