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🦩Create an About Page that Pops and Sings

On this post of our website series, we are talking about your About page!

Why Should You Care?
Your About page is among the top pages on your website. It's where people go to check out who is behind the brand and decide if they like you or not. You've heard that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Telling your story in a compelling and captivating way will pay off big time! As author Rohit Bhargava says: "There's a real ROI to being likable."

Create an About Page that Pops and Sings
We're not going to lie; this page is among the hardest to write, but it's oh so worth it. This can make or break your conversions. We tend to use the A.R.T.I.S.T. formula from Ashlyn Carter. She's the OG copywriter for creatives. Check out her YouTube videos and website for LOADS of tips on how to jazz up your copywriting.

1.Attention-Grabbing Headline: For the love of anything beautiful, never start your About page with About, Meet [name], Our Story, or anything this boring. Use a real headline that hooks the reader. You may have to write 25+ headlines until you gind just the right one. Keep testing them.

2.Reassurance: Reassure your reader they are in the right spot, and that you understand their problems and challenges. Show some personality.

3.Track Record: Aka, your street cred. Introduce yourself with your full name. Here's where you can brag and mention accolades, awards, certifications, years in industry, and anything else to show you've got the goods.

4. Illustrate: Paint a picture for your prospect of what it's like to work with you. What's your process? What sets you apart? This is a great place to add some testimonials.

5.Show Your Brush Strokes: Share facts about you that reveal your beliefs and values. This would be a great place to share your mission and vision. Likeability has a lot to do with believability, so be REAL and show some vulnerability or flaws.

6.To-Do: Aka, your CTA. Direct your reader to the next step. Examples of strong CTAs: Get a free resource, Follow me on social, See services, Send us a note, Let's talk.

PRO TIP: Avoid massive paragraphs and big blocks of copy. Make it skimmable by putting subheads to break up your copy.
Sample Website See this formula in action with our client and FLAMIGA, Claudia Cauterucci. Her story is a beautiful arc worth reading.


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