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🦩 Do you have brand trauma?

This week we are talking about trauma… no, not your trauma, but your brand trauma.

Take a seat and join us for a quick therapy session. 🛋️

As Brand Therapists for a combined 30+ years, we consistently find that most businesses struggle to clearly articulate who they are, what their competitive edge is, and how they transform their audience’s life with their products and services.

So, how do you know if you’ve suffered brand trauma? 🤔

4 Symptoms that Indicate You’re a Victim of Brand Trauma

1. 💬 Unified messaging. Everyone on your team says a different version of your elevator pitch.
2. 😵‍💫 Cohesive visual brand. Have you seen a 3yr old dress themselves? None of their clothes match or they use snow boots 🥾 in the summer and bathing suits🩱in the winter. Similarly, when you don't have a brand style guide you don’t know what colors, fonts, and images to use across your communications channels.
3. 📖 Brand story. You struggle to tell your brand story and differentiate yourself from your competitors because your messaging is confusing and lacks human connection.
4. 👥 Unfit partnership. You’ve had an awful experience with a branding & marketing agency who didn’t get your brand, lacked a strategy, and took months to deliver crappy work.

How do we define “Brand Trauma”?

Brand trauma is when your brand has split personalities. You are confused about how to define your brand, lack consistency in how you speak to your audience, OR you worked with a marketing agency that failed to meet your needs. (Thanks to our flamiga and client, Claudia Cauterucci, for helping us coin this phrase.)

When you join the Captiva Branding flamilia, our first step is to start with a Brand Therapy session (because even brands need therapy) where we thoroughly assess your brand before making any recommendations and jumping into an action plan.

Next week, you’ll find out if you’re due for a brand check-up. 🩺


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