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🦩 Do you need a brand intervention?

Remember: Just like people evolve, brands need to evolve as well✨. Brands are all fighting for attention 👀. That's why knowing who your audience is, what troubles them, and what they stand for, will give you the clarity to know what to offer them and show how your product/service is better than the competition. This week you're back in the therapist's chair 🛋️ to see if your brand is in need of an intervention.

8 Reasons You Need to Rebrand

💬 Your messaging is inconsistent, confusing, or nonexistent. Depending on the day, your audience gets a different message from you and doesn't know what you actually do or who you serve. Your messaging should easily identify who you are and what you do. If you can only do your elevator pitch in the Empire State Building, a rebrand is definitely needed.

🪩 Your branding is outdated. Aesthetics matter. Even the best branding has a shelf life. If your logo looks like it was made in the 80s or if your current branding looks like it belongs in a different decade, it's time for a revamp.

🏗️ You recently restructured. A merger, acquisition, or change of ownership represents a new chapter for your company. This is a perfect time to mark that new chapter with a fresh look.

💻 You have website shame. Your website hasn't been updated in over 18 months and is converting visits to leads at a rate of less than 40%.

🏚️ You hit a ceiling in your business. The brand that got you to where you are most likely isn’t the one that will get you to where you want to grow. Maybe your target audience has evolved over time. Does your current look and tone fit that new audience? If not, you may want to change things up to appeal to them more effectively.

🥱 Your brand has no personality. Generic, regurgitated, corporate-robot speak will leave your audience bored out of their minds and ready to jump into your competitor's arms. Every human has a story, and your brand's job is to tell their story better than anyone.

👯You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition. Can you clearly, succinctly, and powerfully describe the thing you do better than any of your competitors? If not, you may need a rebrand.

😵‍💫 Your brand has become overly complicated. If your brand’s complexity is making your audience’s eyes glaze over, it’s probably time to take a step back to simplify to amplify.

If any of these "symptoms" hit home, don't spray and pray for your brand to magically improve. Hire an expert to help you figure it out. Though it's a big undertaking, rebranding can pay off in a major way. In the long run, they will not only save you time and money but set you up for sustainable growth.


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