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🦩 How do you give your brand a human face?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

In this post we're covering our favorite topic: Brand Values, aka your North Star.

Your brand values attract your ideal clients and customers. They reflect your beliefs and commitment to your audience.

Your brand values are part of your DNA. They inform who you are visually and verbally through your logo, website, images, design, and content. You design the desired brand experience you want your customers to have.

So how do you give your brand a human face?

1. Answer these questions:
What are the things you believe in?
What drives you ?
What do you think is right/wrong?
What do you value?

2. Tips on how to create kick-ass brand values:
Brand values should complement your brand voice (personality) and tone (style and emotional tone you use to communicate with your audience).
Be clear and authentic to who you are (show your personality)
Be heart-felt and true (passions, beliefs)
Make them timeless & have fun

3. Here are some examples to inspire you:
What We Live By |
Values | Ben & Jerry’s (
Ten things we know to be true - (


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