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🦩 How likable are you?

Today we are looking at how to shape your brand's perception, aka BRANDING.

So how do you create and manage your brand's perception? Through the experiences people have with your brand. From the first time they see you (e.g., website, flyer, social media) to using your product or service to customer service, all these interactions with your brand matter. With every new experience people have with your brand, you're either attracting or detracting. 5 Tips to Improve Brand Perception

Survey your customers to understand how they perceive your brand. How likely are they to recommend you to others? (i.e., use a tool to measure your customer satisfaction and loyalty such as Net Promoter Score)

🤝🏻 Stay connected and consistent. This is why building your own email list is so important because you have a direct line to your customers.

🛎️ Offer swift and responsive customer service.

🦸‍♀️ Stay humble and be open to feedback. It's the only way to get better.

❤️ Share customer testimonials. It's better to have others rave about you vs you bragging about yourself.
PRO TIP: Humanize your brand: Speak like your customers, use empathy and compassion to understand their struggles and challenges, and acknowledge when you mess up—we all do.


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