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🦩 Open Security Rebrand

It's show & tell time.
After months of planning, strategizing, and designing, we are SUPER excited to share our client Open Security's rebrand. Open Security is an award-winning, veteran-owned IT consulting firm that specializes in cybersecurity solutions. They have a stacked team of military-trained experts that are laser-focused on keeping businesses secure. 😱 Challenge: Earlier this year, Open Security came to us because they wanted to do a major overhaul of their entire brand visual identity as well as ongoing marketing support. Like most of our clients, over time, their brand looked less and less like who they are and who they want to become.


🎯Approach: We started with our Brand Therapy Assessment🔍 and did a deep dive into Open Security's goals, audience, competitors, and market. We then created their Brand Strategy that defined their brand architecture and differentiators, including purpose, promise, vision, voice, tone, USP, tagline, and elevator pitch.

The goal when designing their brand logo was to convey a sense of adaptability, resilience, and protection. We created options that were traditional & safe as well as more edgy and outside of the box. The tech industry uses a lot of black, red, and blue, so we decided to play with several unconventional color palettes 🎨 to help Open Security stand out from the crowd. For the typography, we looked for fonts that were futuristic yet clean. For the icon, we designed a custom symbol that integrates their company initials and a maze to represent how they guide their clients in navigating cybersecurity.

🤩The Results: A complete brand identity makeover that we're now starting to roll out through all their touchpoints, including a brand-new mobile-responsive website, activated social media presence, revamped email marketing, and redesigned marketing collateral for their sales team and events. While fun and exciting, the visual brand representation is just the beginning. The real impact of the brand magic✨ happens as we execute their marketing strategy to help them raise brand recognition, generate more leads, and bring in more business.



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