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🦩Our first

Do you remember your first? Your first kiss, your first date, your first love. 💋 These experiences hold a special place in our hearts.

Today we're sharing our first, specifically our first client. The one who gave us a shot and said YESSSSSSS! What started as a marketing audit and strategy has turned into a steady relationship.

Here's a peek at our story...

Factum Global needed help expanding and elevating their brand. Like with all our clients, we started with a marketing audit to do a deep dive of their target audience, competitors, and their client journey.

We then developed a strategy and defined their brand voice with simple, yet effective ideas that would be easy for their lean team to execute. And unlike traditional strategies that collect dust, they use it and apply it regularly.

Next, we tackled the redesign of their website and punched up their copy — less “we’s” more “you’s” and more benefits, less features (thanks Marcus Sheridan).

Knowing what to say and when and where to post is something almost all companies struggle with. We helped them overcome writer's block with a content marketing calendar to streamline their external communication efforts.

Here are a few examples of projects we recently launched with them, including the Global Insider newsletter and a new lead generation tool (like a quiz to see if you're ready to go global).


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