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🦩Our Guide to Project Management Tools

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

If there's something we all have in common, it's our seemingly never-ending to-do lists. Check out our favorite project management tools to help you conquer your to-do lists, increase productivity and collaboration, and keep your business humming! 📈

Game-Changing Project Management Tools to Keep You Sane

☑️ Wrike: This is our personal favorite that our team uses. We test drove several other platforms and this one hits all the marks for us. The app (YES!), ease of set up and use, time tracking, note taking, assigning tasks, directly marking up PDFs, client approvals, Gantt charts, custom workflows, checklists, this baby has it all! And if that wasn't enough it also integrates with Slack and Teams, we bet you'll never miss a notification from a team member about a deadline again.

☑️ Asana: Similar to Wrike and ClickUp, the interface is user-friendly and easy to dive right in and get started. You can also run reports to track project progress and identify what's being held up and why. Lastly, who doesn't love a customizable board and to do list!

☑️ Slack: We know...we know, you either love or hate this platform. If you use it, you'll appreciate the easy file sharing, the integration with other tools, and efficient channel organizations. It helps keep discussions focused and organized. It also has fun emojis (which we're a big fan of) and reactions for team shoutouts. [Full disclosure, we use WhatsApp and set up channels per client project and have found it to be a better option to communicate with our team. But you do you, boo!]

Of course, there are also Teams, Basecamp, and others that didn't make the cut, but are still worth exploring.

Bottom Line: You've got choices but don't let them intimate or paralyze you. Level up your game, make sure everyone adopts the tool as part of their daily routine, and be on your way to productivity heaven.

Ultimately, the right project management tool depends on your unique needs and preferences. Make sure to consider factors like team size, project complexity, and pricing before you make your choice on what you should use. You've got this!


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