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🦩 Our team is growing

This week we are continuing our FLAMNNIVERSARY celebration. 🙌🏼

When we started our business 2 years ago, we were excited and nervous. But honestly, we had no idea how big or fast we could grow. 📈 Fast forward to 2022 when things clicked, and everything changed. We got bigger contracts and more clients, our brand evolved, and our team and partners grew as well. 💥 Before we reveal one of our new rockstars 🎸, here are a few lessons we learned on how to build a FLAMTASTIC team:

⏳ Hire sooner than you think you need it.
🔐 Establish a brand culture first and then hire for fit based on character, personality, skills, and growth potential.
⚙️ Set up an onboarding process & training and choose tools that will support your team.
💌 Tell them and show them how much you appreciate them. (It's the little things!)

Without further ado, we're pleased to introduce our Account Coordinator... 🥁 🥁 🥁
Meet Nichole Hickman!

Nichole has been with the Captiva flamilia for over a year now, but she officially joined our loving flock this past November 2022 as our Account Coordinator.

After completing her master’s program in Business Administration & Marketing, Nichole has worked in this industry just shy of 3 years. Doing a FLAMTASTIC job at keeping us sane.🤪

Originally from buckeye country, she currently lives in Atlanta, GA where she became recently engaged 💍 (sorry fellas).

Continuing with the theme of year 2️⃣, here are ✌️ fun facts about Nichole:

Dr. Pepper addict.🥤 It's literally the only drink she consumes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She once saw a video clip about an old woman who had just turned 104 years old and she credited her long life to drinking 3 cans of Dr. Pepper a day and she couldn't agree more!

If she had one wish, she'd be a nap 😴. She loves naps! She's not able to take them as much as she would like but the best times are when naps are involved.


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