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🦩 Show your work, get $$$ for it

In this issue, we discuss case studies, aka, your portfolio or your work. What Are Case Studies? We loved this definition from HubSpot: Case studies are used as social proof to provide buyers with the context to determine whether they're making a good choice. It aims to persuade that your approach, product, or service can solve their problem. Why? Because if you did it successfully before, you can do it again for them. Why Do Case Studies Matter? Case studies are one of the best ways to gain your prospect's trust and prove your expertise. Instead of just telling your customer you can do a good job, show them proof that you've actually done the job... successfully. This is no time to be shy or modest. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, so show off your work. 5 Tips to Write a FLAMAZING Case Study
📣 Describe an experience or situation your ideal customer can relate to.
🎥 Use storytelling to talk about the project from start to finish, the before and after (e.g., talk about the customer's main problem, goals and needs, and what solutions and results did you provide).
🖼️ Use a template and format that is designed to be digestible and easy to follow.
📈 Demonstrate proof by quantifying your impact. Include numbers and infographics whenever possible.
👫🏽 Speak human (aka, no corporate robot 🤖). Avoid jargon.
REMEMBER: People don't read everything. Lead with your most POWERFUL 💥points and keep it brief.


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