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🦩 The #1 Mistake Businesses Make

What's the one mistake almost all organizations make? Not having a current AND actionable strategy, aka a roadmap to guide their business, branding, and marketing decisions.

Most of our clients come to us because they feel stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated that they're not getting the right results (ROI). And 99% of the time, they lack a strategy. They use the "spray and pray" approach throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.

Growth doesn't just happen by chance. It's by design.

So, What Is a Strategy?

A strategy is not a plan, although it does involve planning. It is coherent, doable, and positions you for the best possible chance to win in the marketplace. It explains the logic of what has to be true for it to work. Strategy is a journey that you tweak along the way. SPOILER ALERT: You can't PROVE your strategy in advance, it's your best theory.

A good strategy helps you decide what you SHOULD do AND what not to do. It helps take the guesswork out and keeps you focused on your key business drivers (vs getting distracted on the next shiny object). As a result, it saves your precious time and money. Quality over quantity, baby!

Although businesses may know the who and what, we help them figure out the how, when, and where to show up and be better than the competition.

In the editions, we'll unpack the different types of strategies every business needs—brand strategy, marketing strategy, content strategy, and distribution strategy.


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