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🦩 The 5 "ships" we all need

If you guys know us personally, you know that we always have our pom poms ready📣 and love helping and celebrating people's success, especially women. 💃🏻 That's why we love shining the spotlight and giving a shoutout to our fellow femalepreneurs. We believe the pie 🥧 is big enough for all of us!

As we wrap up our FLAMNIVESARY celebration and Women's History Month, we want to leave you with some food for thought.🤔

5 Tips to Thrive in Business (and Life)

Sometimes, entrepreneurship and business ownership can feel like a lonely road. However, like the song says, "it takes two to make a thing go right." 🎵

While we're lucky to have each other on this unforgettable journey, we've learned that what's super important is to have lots of "ships" going. 🚢 Here's what we mean:

🦉 Mentorships. Find mentors who have been successful, people you respect, and are not afraid to be honest with you. Their feedback, advice, and insights are priceless. You'll avoid making mistakes and learn faster through their hard-earned wisdom and experience than on your own.
🤝🏼 Partnerships. No matter the size of your business, collaborating with partners can amplify and expedite your growth. Start with a small project to try them out and see if they're a good fit. Be sure to set clear goals and expectations. As the saying in Spanish goes, "cuentas claras, amistades duraderas."
🗣️ Allyships. Your allies keep you top of mind for new projects and speak your name when you're not in the room. They are FLAMAZING referral machines. (You know who you are!)
🫂 Friendships. Friends are the wind in your sails when things get tough (which inevitably they will). Did you know friends are critical to your mental health and overall wellbeing? Studies have shown that people who have strong friendships live longer AND more fulfilling lives.
🫶🏼 Relationships. While having healthy relationships in your personal life are key, they are the lifeline of your business as well. Nurture your relationships (new and old ones). Like the old networking KLT principle says, "People do business with people they know, like, and trust."

✔️ Manage your priorities: We're going to be brutally honest: There is no life/work balance when starting or running a business. This can be a huge guilt trigger for women—especially those with families. But it's temporary. Be ruthless with managing priorities. It’s okay to ask for help! 🏳️
🐘 Think BIGGER: Being a small business doesn't mean you can't make a BIG impact. It will take a FLAMAZING strategy and mind shifts to believe that your business can achieve your BHAG, but trust us, sustainable growth and success are possible. 💪🏼


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