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🦩 The Art of Designing a Brand Logo (examples inside)

Humans are visual creatures 👀. Unlike animals who rely on smell or sound, we are visually dominant.

That's why your visual identity is so important and helps you stand out from your competitors 🦄. And it starts with designing a FLAMAZING logo. When we create logos, it's an intense and extensive process where we examine hundreds of fonts, icons, and color palettes to find what best represents you.

Remember, first impressions matter. Similar to when you go out on a first date—you shower, dress to impress, and show off your best—your logo sets the tone for how your audience perceives you 🤝.

This week we're featuring ✌️ real-life logo examples we recently designed:

We are SUPER excited to showcase our clients' logos, Dr. Meg Meeker and Veranos Group. ✨✨

Dr. Meg is a well-known pediatrician, bestselling author, international speaker, and father-inclusive advocate. 👨‍👧 Despite her FLAMAZING reputation and accomplishments, her brand didn't authentically nor powerfully represent her or her movement.

After sketching dozens of logo concepts, we chose a fresh blue and green color palette that would appeal to a male audience while still welcoming moms. The icon is a fun representation of the family unit. The font typeface is a clean, modern sans serif font without too many frills that has weight for sturdiness and is easy to read.

Our second client, Veranos Group, is a consulting firm based in Washington, DC, that specializes in helping businesses expand into new markets. 📈

The client had a preference for using a panther because of its majestic yet stealth demeanor. After searching for the perfect panther (much harder than it sounds), we ended up customizing it ourselves using geometric lines on its face. Finding the right hue for the red font color proved to be a challenge (not too bright, not too brown, not too pink, not too orange). For the sans serif font typeface, we juxtaposed a thick bold VERANOS with a thinner GROUP for contrast.

Overall, the client loved it and has gotten compliments on how iconic and memorable it is. #winning 🙌

Your logo plays a big role in properly building a successful business and brand. But it's only the beginning. Branding is an ongoing process. When you’re ready to take the next steps to elevate your brand, let's connect📲.


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