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🦩 The Heartbeat of Your Brand

Most people (unless you're a marketer) don't know the difference between branding, marketing, and sales. Yes, they are all connected but each has a different role in your business.

In very simple terms, Branding is your DNA (who you are in the marketplace), marketing is your compass (what you do to promote your brand), and sales is the lifeblood of your business. Let's start with branding. 

Our favorite definition of branding is what people say about your brand when you're not in the room. If you're unsure what people say about you, or you suffer from brand identity confusion, keep reading.  

When you're creating a brand strategy, the first step is to do market research. The next step is to define your brand core. 

What is a Brand Core?

Imagine your favorite brand as a person. Your brand core is the unique blend of values, purpose, and promise that define who your brand is and what it stands for. It's the soul of your brand, shaping everything it communicates, from product design to customer service.

The Anatomy of a Brand Core

Your brand core consists of three main components:

1. Brand Purpose: The "why" behind your brand—the reason it exists beyond making profits. A strong brand purpose inspires both your audience and employees, creating a deeper connection that goes beyond transactions. For nonprofits, this would be your mission. 

2. Brand Promise: The commitment your brand makes to its customers. It sets expectations and defines the experience customers will get at every touchpoint. Like the heartbeat of the brand, the brand promise should be consistent and reliable.

3. Brand Values: The guiding principles that steer your brand's actions and decisions. They serve as a moral compass 🧭, dictating what the brand stands for and how it behaves in the market..

Stay tuned as we continue our Brand Strategy Series on Brand Positioning. 


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