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🦩 The Ultimate DIY SEO Checklist

If you're a small business and you have not invested in SEO, you're missing out on some serious web traffic. We know most small business either:
💰 Don't have the budget
😵‍💫 Think SEO is too complex
✅ Need more organic qualified leads
If you said "yes, that's me" to any of these, keep reading.

This week we are finishing our SEO chat with our flamigo, Captiva partner, and SEO extraordinaire, Brian Loebig. SEO is a key marketing strategy every organization can't afford to ignore. Even if you don't hire an SEO expert, here are a few things you can do on your own to start earning some SEO juice. 7 Things You Can DIY to Improve Your SEO
🖥️ Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP). We're starting to sound like a broken record here but you MUST set this up ASAP. It's FREE and boosts your local rankings BIG time. Learn how to setup your GBP here. Also, DYK you can have a different phone number to screen calls (e.g., Google Voice)?

🔐 Security certificate. This is nonnegotiable. Make sure your website is secure. We mentioned it in this SEO article.

🗒️ Get your website listed on directories. Some free directories include Foursquare, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Crunchbase. Contrary to popular belief, these directories are not just for restaurants and stores. Make sure your business info is accurate and matches EXACTLY the one on your GBP.

🦶🏽Optimize your footer. Your contact information must match the one on GBP. Also, add a short company description under your logo that includes your top keyword and clearly & plainly explains what you do.

📍Google Map. Embed a map on your Contact Us page of your business location (even if it's not an exact address).

🤓 Blog. Choose a high-volume keyword to focus on for your blog; and only use 1% keyword density (in other words, include your top keyword naturally in your content and NO KEYWORD STUFFING). Cross link your blog to other related content within your website. This improves the user experience. Use the words that are keyword-friendly right in the link (don't use "Click here" <-- this is outdated).

↔️ External linking. Link to at least one high-authority link to something else that’s outside your website, e.g., professional journals, studies, stats, or other authoritative sources to back up your content.


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