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🦩Up your social media game

Harnessing the power of social media can be a game-changer and helps level the playing field for businesses of all sizes. With over 4.2 billion people active users, social media platforms can help you reach new audiences, engage with customers, and drive growth like never before. The trick to social media is being strategic AND creative or else you could just be spinning your wheels. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Social Media Posting vs Social Media Strategy

Let's break it down: Social Media Posting is the creative side of social media, the WHAT. It's where you craft your posts, design an image or produce a video, choose your hashtags, and hit that "share" button. On the other hand, Social Media Strategy is the master plan behind the scenes, the HOW. It's where you analyze data, set goals, choose the best tactics, decide on frequency, and optimize your content for maximum impact! 💡

Which Platform Is Right for You?

Choosing the right platform is all about going where your audience is and being consistent with your posting. Each platform has pros and cons, its own vibe and style, and when used as part of an overall strategy, can help elevate your brand. 

1. Facebook: Being the largest global platform has an advantage. For better of for worse, this has become more of a pay-to-play platform, so be prepared to spend some dollars on paid ads to boost visibility and engagement.  

2. Instagram: Being among the most visual-focused platforms for sharing photos, videos, stories, this is a great option for events

3. X (Twitter): Being the news-driven platform (and putting politics aside), this is a great option to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry, influencers, and the up-to-the-second real-time news (just be sure to verify sources). It's also great way to test A LOT of content and then see which one gets the most engagement to then share your best performing posts on your other platforms. 

4. LinkedIn: Being the official professional networking platform for businesses, professionals, job seekers, this is a great place to share career highlights, thought leadership, and anything related to your work. 

5. YouTube: The #1 video-sharing platform and #2 search engine, this is the place for uploading, watching, and learning almost anything you every wanted to know via tutorials, music videos, podcasts, and more.

6 Social Media Tools to Save You Time

These popular tools can help you with scheduling your posts, tracking performance metrics, and making your life a little easier. A word of caution, some platforms may ding you for prescheduling outside of their own platform, but the upside of timesaving is worth it. 

1. Buffer is the social media sidekick for scheduling, analyzing, and dazzling. It is best for straightforward social media scheduling.

2. Hootsuite is the ultimate social media wingman. It is best for managing schedules, engaging, and tracking your success. 

3. Social Pilot allows you and your teammates to soar to new heights with streamlined social media management. It also has features like inbox monitoring for engaging with others, 

4. Loomly gives you the experience of stepping into a world of creativity and organization with its magical social media calendar while effortlessly tracking your success. 

5. Sendible is an affordable all-in-one platform for scheduling, monitoring, and collaborating. It nails all the basics!

6. Cloudsocial is an affordable all-in-one social media management tool to create, schedule, and publish content, simplify analytics, collaborate with teams, and makes social listening a breeze with their Omnibox feature. 

Strategy + Tactics = Winning  

Social Media Posting is the fuel 🚀 for your brand and Social Media Strategy as the navigation system 🧭 that ensures you reach your goals. When you combine strategy and tactics you'll get the best of both worlds. Need help with your social media? We got you.


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