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🦩 What your brand color means

DYK that 85% of consumers base buying decisions on color? 🤔

Colors make you feel different emotions and influence how you perceive brands.

To narrow down your primary colors for your brand, first know who your audience is, what colors are relevant in your industry, and what emotion you want to evoke.
Choosing the right colors for your brand is an art and a science. Let's take a look at what each color represents: 🚨 Red: Red is associated with excitement, passion, and urgency. It's often used for sales and promotions.

🏧 Blue: Blue is associated with trust and reliability. It's often used for financial institutions and healthcare providers.

♻️ Green: Green is associated with growth, nature, and wealth. It's often used in the wellness or eco-friendly sectors.

🎗️Yellow: Yellow is associated with optimism and happiness. It's often used to promote restaurants and food products.

🎃 Orange: Orange is associated with enthusiasm, optimism, and creativity. It's often used to promote affordability and value.

🟣 Purple: Purple is associated with luxury, wisdom, and fantasy. It's often used by businesses that have female-focused brands and for some tech brands.

♠️ Black: Black is associated with power, mystery, elegance, and sophistication. It's often used by businesses that want to create a sense of exclusivity and high-end quality, as well as authority and professionalism. Choosing the right shades of colors, fonts, and icons for your brand is a meticulous process that takes research and expertise. If you're looking to refresh your brand, let's talk.


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