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🦩 Your Rx For A Healthier Website

Whether you're thinking of creating a brand-new website or redesigning your existing one, make sure you do a website audit & inventory.

The Pros & Cons of the Top 4 CMS Platforms

💥 Vague Problem and CTAs: Your visitor should know within 3 seconds what problem or pain point you solve & how you solve it. Your CTA should be your traffic cop, guiding visitors where you want them to go. "Click Here" won't cut it. Aim for specific and eye-catching like "Download Your Free eBook Now."

📚 Oops, Typos!: Nothing screams 'amateur' like spelling mistakes. Seriously, invest in a proofreader. It's the digital equivalent of ironing your shirt before a big meeting.

🖼️ Image Overload: A picture speaks a thousand words, but it shouldn’t slow down your website to a crawl. Compress those beauties!

📱Not Mobile-Ready: If your site looks wonky on mobile, you’re pushing away a big chunk of your audience. A responsive website is not an option; it's a must! 🔧 Not Doing Ongoing Maintenance: Your website is like a garden; it needs to be pruned, watered, and looked after. Don't neglect the updates and security patches; they keep your website safe, secure, and running smoothly.

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