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Captiva Branding is a female-founded, minority-owned, and CBE full service agency.

We champion your brand
as if it were our own.

 Our Brand   Values       

Here’s what drives us


Humanizing Branding

Branding is a feeling. Empathy is our superpower. And crafting your story is our passion. Understanding your audience’s pain points, emotions, motivators, beliefs, and goals is the heart of everything we do.


Approachable Brilliance

We know marketing can be a bit overwhelming. We help you simplify to amplify confidently. Let us Marie Kondo your brand and spark your joy!


Art + Science Collaboration

You + Us = Brand Magic. We’ll collaborate, alchemize, and captivate by influencing human behavior with creativity and strategy.



We are based in Washington, DC with clients throughout the country.

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