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🦩 How to build the perfect home page

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Let's talk home pages!

Why Should You Care?
An effective home page is the gateway to your online presence. Its number one job is: Keep visitors on your site long enough to grab their email or get a conversion (book a call, get a quote, make a sale, or increase another KPI).

How to Structure a High-Converting Home Page
We follow the StoryBrand8-section framework. It's so easy to follow, a 🦩 could do it. Note, most of our clients are in the consulting business and we have to adapt and tailor this framework specifically for them.
1. 🤩 Top Header. When someone lands on your home page, they have less than 5 seconds to scan and know what you do. Your headline and subhead should answer these questions:
- What does your customer want? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF THE HEADER.
- How does it make your customers’ lives better?
- How do they buy from you? (aka your CTA <- Hey, that rhymes!)

2. 😫 Client Struggles. State your client's problems. Remember they are on your website because they have a problem. If you’re not talking about the problem you solve, your customers have no reason to be there. 3. 🤓 The Solution. You are the solution to their problem. So here's where you introduce yourself and why you're the answer to their prayers. 4. 🤝🏽 The Plan. List your services and how you can help them solve their problem. 5. 👫 Testimonials. Showcase up to 4 clients that rave about you. Make them short and straight to the point. No one wants to read a long testimonial. 6. 🗒️ Client Logos/ Portfolio. Showcase a few of your client logos and highlight some of the projects you've worked on. This is another way to build your credibility with leads. 7. 📧 Newsletter. If email marketing is part of your strategy, here's where you would ask people to sign-up. Make sure you tell them what they are getting in exchange for their email. 8. 🗄️ Junk Drawer. This is where you put links that are hidden in your top menu and social media icons. Most people put social media icons at the top of their website, and this is a big no-no. You want visitors to stay on your website not be distracted or tempted to leave your site. Also, we use sticky menus (keeping your navigation bar static) because it minimizes scrolling up and down and enhances the user experience. Sample Website 💡➡️See this framework in action with our client, Factum Global. We recently helped them refresh their website to enhance UX, loading speed, and SEO.

❣️PRO TIP: Make your navigation menu names simple and familiar. And for goodness' sake, make your font size legible. As Chris Do says, "before someone can understand your ideas, they must first be able to read the words." Besides getting the flow and structure right, your messaging has to be CLEAR over clever. Make the visitor the hero of your story (using more yous vs. wes) and position yourself as their sage guide.


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