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🦩 5 Die-Hard Email Rules We Swear By

In part 3 of our email marketing series, we are covering ... the guts & glory of an effective email!

With a nearly $40 ROI, email marketing is a strategy worth mastering (or at least improving).

Over our combined 30+ years, we've written and sent A LOT of email campaigns to roughly 100 million people. Through lots of experimentation and testing, we learned a few fool-proof rules to getting emails opened, clicked, engaged with, and of course converted.

5 Die-Hard Rules for Effective Emails

1. The Who. Outside of your subject line, the From line is the most important part of getting your emails opened and read. Typically, a person's name opens better than a company name. We combine both in our From line (Mari & Pam). Test this out.

2. The Hook. 1 out of 3 people will decide to open your email solely based on your subject line. Spend at least 1/3 of your time writing 5-10 different subject lines to arrive at the best one. Don't forget to add content to the preview text.

3. The CTA. If you want people to take action, tell them. Make sure to include your CTA above the fold, somewhere in the middle, and closing.

4. The P.S. This special spot is often overlooked and underused. Your P.S. is a great place to reiterate your offer, add a surprise or bonus, and CTA.

5. The Test. A/B split test your emails and see what performs best. What you think will work often surprises you. Keep learning, adjusting, and never stop testing.

PRO TIP: RESEND your email with a different subject line 2-5 days after the first send. Most open rates are somewhere between 20-40%. That leaves about 60-80% of your file who never opened your email. You'll grab another 10-20% of engaged readers. WIN!


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