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🦩Do you need a Brand Therapist?

People often ask us why we call ourselves brand therapists. (Thanks to our dear flamiga and former client, Claudia Cauterucci for coming up with that name for us.)

Well, that's because most companies suffer from some type of brand trauma. When we work with brands, they've either:

1) Had a bad experience with another agency

2) Have brand identity confusion because they lack a clear brand strategy

3) Outgrown their old brand and need to take it to the next level but don't know how.

If you identify with any of these "brand trauma symptoms," you may need a Brand Therapy Assessment (BTA).  

What's a Brand Therapy Assessment (BTA)?

Picture this: A Brand Therapy Assessment is like taking a scan of your brand's core and essence, checking out everything from your logo to how it communicates and shows up in the marketplace.

We do these assessments to figure out where your brand shines , where it needs a little polish, and how to add some FLAMAZINGNESS to your brand to win hearts (and wallets!) in your market.

What Is a Brand Therapist?

A Brand Therapist adds magic to your brand, helping you find your unique voice , look, and feel. They help make your brand more lovable , memorable, and impactful!

If you are looking for that special magic to help your brand sparkle, let's connect. 


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