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🦩What Is a Brand & Marketing Audit?

Prescription without a proper diagnosis is malpractice. 🩺

Can you imagine going to your doctor and they prescribe something without performing a diagnosis, examination, tests, or asking you any questions to properly assess your condition? You would think they're crazy. 🫨

Similarly, if you're doing marketing (or "prescribing") without truly understanding your positioning in the marketplace, researching your target audience, or analyzing your communications channels, you're flying blind. 

What's a Brand and Marketing Audit?

That's where an audit comes in. It's like a thorough check-up of all your marketing efforts to:

✔️ Uncover what's working

✔️ Figure out what's NOT working

✔️ Find ways to make things better

When we perform an audit, we dive into your marketing strategy to uncover hidden issues that might be holding back your growth, such as:

🔎 Brand inconsistencies

🔎 Poor website user experience

🔎 Ineffective social media

🔎 Lack of cohesive strategy

🔎 Missed opportunities

After the audit comes the strategy. Whether it's a tweak here, a revamp there, or a whole new approach, we'll figure out what you need to get you back on track. We'll go into more detail on strategy in our next issue. 

Feeling ready to give your marketing a tune-up? Let's connect.


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