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🦩Why doing your homework is smart business

Updated: 15 hours ago

Ever wondered what the secret sauce is behind cool brands knowing exactly what their audience wants? Market research is like peeking inside your audience's thoughts helping your business make better decisions.

2 Types of Market Research

Before launching a new brand, product, or service, you must know what your audience...their worries, challenges, and aspirations. Market research helps you make data-informed decisions to create a solid marketing strategy. 

Remember: You always create a product or service to solve a problem, not the other way around. 

1. Qualitative Research: Focuses on understanding deeper insights into human behavior, motivations, and the reasons behind certain actions. These are two of the most common methods used: 

2. Quantitative Research: Focuses on quantifying the problem by measuring data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research. The most common methods used are: 

As part of our research process, these are some of the methods we use to gather insights to create a brandstrategy, promote a company, or launch a product or service. 

Stay tuned for next week's newsletter as we continue our Brand Strategy Series covering Brand Core. 


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