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🦩 Your Content in the AI Age

2023 has been the year of AI marketing. 🤖 It's a trending topic that keeps the day!

While AI can speed up your content creation, it still requires you to know your brand voice/tone, your audience, and feed it the right prompts and topics to help you stand out from your competition. If not, you'll end up with bland, boring, and generic sounding content that will put your audience to sleep. 😴

This week, we'll explore effective content creation tips to humanize your copy and captivate your audience.

🧐 Know Your Audience: Use AI-powered analytics tools to do the grunt work of gathering insights on popular topics, content formats, channels, and keywords, as well as identify opportunities to appeal to your audience. You want to be in tune with what's trending and relevant to your audience.

💁 Humanize Your Content: Does your brand use human speak or does it use corporate lingo and jargon? Is it funny or serious? When you know your brand voice/personality, you can authentically connect with your audience.

📰 Craft Catchy Headlines: Most people scan content by reading headlines. Craft headlines that are catchy, intriguing, and spark curiosity to increase the chances of your content being clicked on.

🧑‍💻 Make Your Content Searchable: Perform keyword analysis and optimize your web content's structure, meta tags, and alt tags to improve its discoverability and ranking on Google.

👀 Add a Pop of Color: Humans are visual creatures, so use it to your advantage. Amplify your content's engagement by adding images, infographics, videos, etc. to increase engagement and shareability.

If you're looking to power your content above the noise, let's talk.


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