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🦩 4 Things to Look for in a Branding Agency 

Following our last newsletter, once you know your brand needs therapy, should you DIY or hire a pro? Here's a quick checklist to guide your decision:
  • If you can't do it right yourself, hire a freelancer.

  • If a freelancer can't do it right, hire an agency.

  • If an agency can't do it right, hire an in-house specialist.

  • No matter which option you go with, decide if you want it good, fast, or cheap. Hint: You can't have all 3.

In this post we share 4 tips to consider when selecting your Brand Therapist, aka a branding agency.

  1. Methodology & Approach: Tactics come and go but the guiding principles and frameworks endure. How do they work? Do you like their style? For example, we never take a one-size-fits-all. We consider team size, available resources, capabilities, availability, timeline, and budget. If your budget doesn't allow for a BIG splash, we start small, test, optimize, learn, and then scale.

  2. Expertise & Niche: As Sally Hogshead says: "Different is better than better." Understand what sets the agency apart. How good is their reputation? Do they specialize in your industry? Ask them what they do best as well as what they DON'T do. Check out their testimonials and portfolio of case studies to see if they've solved problems similar to yours.

  3. Who's the Boss? In other words, who will be managing your project? Will you be working with a junior account manager or are you getting senior-level attention? That will affect quality of work and the cost. The devil is in the details.

  4. Expectations & Brand Values: Do you jive with their vibe? As we've said before, disappointment is unmet expectation (thanks Brenee Brown). Set the tone early and communicate often. Express your desires and be clear about what you want. And expect the same in return. A good relationship is a true partnership, where you’re both invested in each other’s success.

Pro Tip:Make sure you find an agency that will work as a true extension of your team—not as a replacement but as support to fill in the gaps and build on what you already have. They should be able to execute, guide you, and bring their own expertise to help you find the best solutions in the most efficient way possible using the 4 Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion.

🏆 Did you know we made the list of Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Washington DC? We have some friends who made the list, too. WOOHOO!🎉

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