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🦩 Naughty or Nice?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

This week we are looking at tips to help you stay off your client's naughty list this holiday season (and beyond). 😉

Here are 8 ways to stay on your client’s and prospect’s nice list:

  • Empathy. Always put yourself in your client’s shoes. What are their pain points and how can you help them?

  • Experience. Every customer wants a FLAMAZING experience. To be seen, heard, and shown that they matter. As Seth Godin says “customer experience is your biggest profit center.”

  • Follow the Golden Rule. Give them the same level of experience you would like to receive (and go above that).

  • Practice the Law of Reciprocity. Everyone one has a circle of influence so make sure to give more than you receive. If they have a good experience, rest assured they’ll spread the word about you.

  • Be a Great Resource. Pay attention to what can make your client’s life easier. Is there a report, podcast, or article that may help their business? Share it with them.

  • Care. Show them you’re thinking about them. Like their posts, comment, share, and post reviews about how great it is to work with them.

  • No Ghosting 👻. Always be responsive, no matter what. Nothing worse than silence when a client or prospect sends you an email or inquiry.

BONUS: Send them a handwritten note this season with a little 🎁. It’s the little details that make a BIG difference.


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